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Every morning across the Eastern District, our four regional councils dispatch thousands of highly skilled men and women to work ready to be productive, professional and the best craftspeople they can be. Our members and contractors are economic engines for the local communities they help build. The UBC plays a major part in that by providing education and training to advance skills, safety, productivity, and a winning attitude among our members and contractors alike.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) understands the demands of today’s construction industry depend on having an educated, highly skilled and professional workforce. For over 135 years, the UBC has honed our trade to include a range of skilled crafts including carpenters, floor covers, residential framing, millwrights and mill cabinet makers, pile drivers and divers, and lathers. However, contractors need more than skilled hands to build a successful business – they need sharp minds too. The UBC training curriculum also includes professional and leadership skills to build a well-rounded, diverse workforce capable of being part of or leading a powerful, problem-solving team.

How do we accomplish all of this?

Our organizational structure is aligned with construction markets which allow the UBC to respond quickly to industry needs. Whether it’s training for a new product to capture new market share, or customer service training for a rapidly changing industry, the UBC can implement effective strategies for protecting and securing new work opportunities.

At the Eastern District level, we coordinate with our International body and five regional councils to educate and train thousands of members annually, and provide support for our contractors. We work together to mobilize resources and leverage expertise for maximum effect as new opportunities arise. We collaborate with our regional councils to find new, targeted ways to capture more market share. Most of all we communicate with our valued industry partners to better meet their needs. We have put a working committee structure in place to bring labor and management together regularly to brainstorm new ideas, set goals, and make them a reality.

All of this is done to ensure we are providing our members with a life-long career path and our contractors with an elite workforce that makes them profitable.

There have been many ups and downs in the construction industry throughout the past few decades. However, our industry is as competitive as ever. For those who are ready, there are many opportunities. We are ready. The strong relationship between our members and employers perfectly positions us to expand our market share throughout the Eastern District - because we understand that when we work together, we prosper together.

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