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The UBC is pleased to be an exhibitor at The International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF), the premiere offshore wind energy conference in North America. New Jersey is fast becoming a leader in offshore wind development, and the UBC is poised to connect this growing industry to our highly-skilled workforce. 

Visit us at booth 239 at the Atlantic City Convention Center on April 26-28 to learn how the UBC's diverse workforce has the professional skillset to make offshore wind a reality in New Jersey and beyond. ​


Renewable Energy

The demand for renewable energy has never been greater. The technological advances, cost-effectiveness, and potential for significant job creation make these projects a promising way to generate more power to meet the ever-increasing need and invest in communities.


The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America leads the way in training, educating, and representing the next generation of skilled construction professionals.  The renewable energy industry is expanding rapidly. We equip our professional craftspeople with skills and mindset to power this new wave of American industry. 

The UBC represents one trade with many crafts.

Our members touch every aspect of a construction project from foundation to finish; they’re frequently the first on the job and the last to leave. UBC carpenters build houses, skyscrapers, hospitals, bridges, and more, in all cases providing the skill and experience that can only be developed with union training.


Commercial Carpenters

UBC commercial carpenters provide the crucial foundation for concrete, exteriors, roofs, infrastructure, and scaffolding while also crafting fine trim and finish work. These professionals work with a variety of materials in every kind of structure; they are responsible for bringing blueprints to life. UBC carpenters are skilled in laying out, measuring, cutting, erecting, and joining materials together. They are highly trained to work quickly, accurately, and safely, while delivering the quality of work contractors and their customers have come to expect.

UBC Millwrights

UBC millwrights are highly trained experts who bring the capability to work safely and efficiently in a variety of industries across North America including automotive, material handling, mechatronics, power generation, oil & gas, and renewable energy. Thanks to rigorous training in state-of-the-art facilities, UBC millwrights are recognized as the best trained and most well-prepared for any project in any location. Whether we work in the booming oil and gas industry along America’s Gulf Coast or the surging material handling industry in distribution plants across North America, our standardized training ensures that every millwright possesses the same superior skills.

A.P.M. Millwrights at Sugar Creek Powerhouse Terre Haute IN (4).JPG
Piledriver 3.JPG

UBC Pile Drivers

From highways and bridges to wharves and docks, UBC Pile Drivers are experts and trusted when it comes to constructing foundations — that’s a given. But everywhere we work, our Pile Drivers also set the tone for a safe and productive worksite and set the standard for the highest level of skill anywhere.


Delivering a successful project goes beyond just meeting the schedule. Our workforce and contractors ensure that work is done safely first and then proven practices and procedures are implemented to ensure quality, which not only avoids delays, but also reduces project costs.

UBC Pile Driver Divers

Some 1,100 commercial divers are Pile Driver members of the UBC and perform critical work on the construction of most marine infrastructure projects. UBC Pile Driver Divers perform a variety of underwater work, including subsurface inspection, demolition, salvage, welding, burning and maintenance and repair. With an overriding focus on safety, Divers of the UBC arrive at each jobsite prepared to work productively and efficiently in the most challenging underwater environments.

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They may work in different disciplines and maintain different skill sets, but training is the backbone for all UBC members. That’s why they’re known as the most highly trained workforce in every industry they serve. Click on the brochure links to learn about more about the UBC's specialty crafts. 

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