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“By focusing on developing Growth, Skill & Professionalism, and Organizational Effectiveness, our union is creating the foundation for the UBC to achieve its goal of securing the future of working carpenters by achieving 70% or more market share”

- General President Douglas J. McCarron

District Goals

At the Eastern District, our work isentered on moving the industry forward, supporting our Regional Councils, strengthening our industry partnerships and achieving the General President's goal of capturing 70% market share in every craft we workGoals are one of the many tools the UBC uses to keep focused on training the next generation of craftsmen and women who will keep our employers productive and profitable in a highly competitive industry. Our goals are...


  • To work with Councils to establish new markets in each Council

  • By creating tools including Memorandums of Understanding (To help Councils identify the growth potential in so-called specialty craftsMOUs), Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), conferences, etc. to establish those crafts as a regular part of the UBC’s overall markets

  • To standardize services and programs across the District 

  • To strengthen UBC political effectiveness through multi-council coordinated activities

  • To develop a program to help Councils target legislators on UBC issues that affect members locally and nationally

  • To establish District-wide collaboration committees


Our goals aim to take the work we do collectively at the national level and put it into action at the Council level. This enables us to facilitate collaboration among our Regional Councils for greater effect and to rapidly expand their best practices across the region.

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