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Michael Capelli Appointed UBC General Secretary-Treasurer

I want to extend my warmest congratulations to General Vice President Douglas Banes and General Secretary-Treasurer Andris Silins on their retirement. These two gentlemen have given the Brotherhood countless hours of their time and effort in the pursuit of a better way of life for our members. Their leadership helped to steer the UBC through a period of significant change, and today, our union is better prepared than ever to face the challenges of our time.

Their retirement set off a series of appointments which I would like to acknowledge. Current Second General Vice President Frank Spencer has been appointed to fill the position of General Vice President; David Tharp, former Midwestern Vice President, will become the Second General Vice President; and Mark McGriff, former Executive Secretary-Treasurer of Indiana - Kentucky - Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, will become the Midwestern District Vice President. I am honored to be included among this list as I have been appointed to fill the role of General Secretary-Treasurer.

Additionally, effective April 1, 2019, William Waterkotte, former EST of the Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters will assume the role of Eastern District Vice President. William is a 4th generation union carpenter who has helped fortify his Council in areas with strong anti-union markets. His experience will be an asset in building on and expanding District accomplishments.

Serving as Eastern District Vice President has allowed me to work with all of the talented ESTs and council staff in this area. EST Tom Flynn, EST Joseph Geiger, EST William Waterkotte, and EST Robert Loubier have all risen to the challenge of working towards capturing 70% market share in new and innovative ways. I will be forever grateful for their input, experience, and most of all, hard work in service to achieving our shared goals. I hope to take many of the best practices we've learned together at the District level and use them to create a platform from which to work with all of the UBC Vice Presidents.

I thank General President McCarron and the General Executive Board members for entrusting me with all of the responsibilities associated with this position. Brother Silins leaves behind a great legacy of service to the UBC. I do not doubt the challenges ahead of me as I do my very best to fill his shoes.

Thank you,

Michael Capelli, UBC General Secretary-Treasurer

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