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You've probably received hundreds of marketing packets in your lifetime. Most of them probably ended up in the circular file. However, when Council Representative Paul Capurso from New York City District Council gave VP Capelli marketing materials for DI-NOC, he didn't see more trash. He saw an opportunity.

DI-NOC is a 3M Architectural Solutions product that saves time and money by allowing end users to dramatically update surfaces and furniture with little disruption to operating hours. VP Capelli shared the product with Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) Director Bill Irwin who in turn reached out to 3M.

After touring the training center in Las Vegas, 3M sent instructors to partner with the CITF to develop training for their product. This material will open the door for thousands of man hours in banks, urgent care clinics, and more.

#UBC #UBCtraining

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