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Capturing market share isn't just about working hard in the present. It's also about looking at what lies ahead. In the case of scaffolding, UBC International Representative Dave Casteel has his eye on the future.

NYCDC Members build scaffolding. Photo Credit: Liz McKenna NYCDCC

Take the Cracker Plant project in Pennsylvania. In the coming months, that project will require up to 1100 carpenters certified in scaffolding. That's just one project. Casteel is making sure we're ready for the future by creating a thorough District-wide assessment of the market. He knows which projects we've won, and those we have not. He knows what coming down the pipeline and exactly how many Carpenters will be needed to complete the work.

VP Capelli tasked Casteel with reaching out to all of the Councils to gain an understanding of their current capacity and to help them make plans for meeting the demand in the future. This effort includes making sure members' certifications are up to date and expanding the number of members with certification. They say by failing to prepare you prepare to fail. By working together and making a plan, the Eastern District will be ready to capture more scaffolding man hours.

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