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In just eight short months, the UBC Eastern District has completed the process of standardizing the apprenticeship intake process. At the first meeting in Pittsburgh, PA in late 2017 a committee of training directors and staff was formed and tasked with reviewing existing applications, entrance exams, and interview questions.

Many requirements needed to be met for each area, but UBC Representative Anthony Peña was able to guide the team to create one set of procedures to be used every training center throughout the District. Now potential members from Maine to Virginia will fill out the same application, take the same entrance exam, and be interviewed in the same manner.

Creating a uniform process was essential because the standards by which we now review potential applicants are the same throughout the District. It not only makes all the difference as members move through their apprenticeship, but it also ensures we're providing contractors who work in many Councils the same level of professionalism and skills in the apprentices on their projects.

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